Acrylic partial dentures

Partial dentures are created for patients who are missing one or more teeth on either their upper or lower jaw (or both). It is a good option for clients on a budget or want an alternative to implants or bridges.

Acrylic partial dentures are a temporary solution for replacing missing teeth. They are considered temporary because they are considered less hygienic and could possibly damage the remaining teeth.They are made from acrylic which is a brittle material and requires thickness to create strength.This means that they can feel bulky in the mouth and needs to cover more of the palate and gums. 

However, they can allow for future additions so these are a good option if you expect to lose more teeth in the future. Each acrylic partial denture, no matter how small, uses the same high quality acrylic and denture teeth as our full denture range. The teeth used on the dentures are selected based on personal preference or are matched to look as natural and closest to your natural teeth. Acrylic dentures can have metal clasps which help to hold the denture in place by clipping onto remaining teeth. 

 Partial denture



Metal partial dentures

Metal partial dentures are a long-term solution to tooth loss. These dentures have a custom made metal framework where acrylic and denture teeth are attached. The metal framework allows the partial denture to be stronger, lighter, and cover less of the gums so it feels more natural and helps preserve the remaining teeth.

We use the newest innovative technology to create our metal acrylic dentures through the use of metal laser sintering (3D printing) technology. The metal framework is digitally designed and then printed at our facility. The alloy is a medical grade cobalt-chrome and is stronger and less brittle than traditional metal partial dentures.

Metal partial dentures are harder to add teeth to if further teeth are lost in the future. Repairs are also more difficult as it requires welding and if the framework gets bent and doesn't fit, it generally requires a remake.

One thing to note is that some adjustments may need to be made by your dentist to your teeth allowing the framework to sit nicely in your mouth, this is called tooth preparation and can be organised between us and your dentist. Tooth preparations also allow for the pressure to be put down your teeth instead of down your gums which preserve the remaining teeth for longer than acrylic partial dentures.






 Digital design and 3D printing of our frameworks

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