An immediate denture is where a denture is made prior to teeth being extracted (pulled out). This means that at your extraction appointment with the dentist, they can fit the denture right over the wound and acts as a bandage. Immediate dentures mean you don’t have to go without teeth for a couple of months if aesthetics is a concern for you. 

The advantages of this are fairly limited as straight after extractions there will be the most amount of gum shrinkage for at least 6 to 12 months. This means that the denture will become loose fitting relatively quickly and will require a reline which is an additional cost.

Another compromise with immediate dentures is that there is minimal space for tooth placement so the aesthetics of the dentures are not ideal. As there is little space for tooth placement, it can also mean the denture can be quite thin which can result in repeated denture cracks or denture fractures which may sometimes indicate the need to reline.

Consult your local dentist or see us for a free consultation if you think immediate dentures are a suitable option for you.