Dentures do break for a variety of reasons and in many cases we are able to repair cracked or broken dentures using new acrylic to bond the pieces back together. It may also be possible to reattach teeth that have broken off a denture, however, this can sometimes be more complicated on metal partial dentures as a weld may be necessary.

If you have a broken denture it is best to bring it to us for repair with appropriate materials rather than trying to use things at home such as superglue, which can do further damage to the denture by damaging the acrylic and making it harder to fit the pieces back together which may result in an ill-fitting denture.

The reason a denture has broken can also influence the longevity of a repair. In cases where a denture is well fitting and has been dropped, resulting in a clean break a repair is often successful. If the cause of the break was due to rocking in the mouth of an ill-fitting denture, a reline may be more appropriate. A free consultation with one of our friendly clinicians can help to determine what the best solution will be for you.

If you notice a crack in your denture it can be helpful to have it looked at BEFORE it breaks to save you the hassle of dealing with a broken denture. In some instances this may be an indication that the denture may not be fitting properly and this is something we can help to identify when you come and see us.

Sometimes clasps can break and for acrylic dentures these can often be replaced. Broken clasps on a metal framework denture are more difficult to repair and your clinician can discuss what options are available in your case.

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