How much does a set of dentures cost?

Prices vary depending on what type of denture you require (e.g. Full, Partial etc.). Please contact one of our branches for a free quote.


Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Please contact one of our branches to book an appointment. We offer free, no obligation consultations.


Do I need new dentures?

Not always. It depends on a few factors such as condition, fit, jaw position in “bite”. Please feel free to make a free, no obligation consultation appointment with our friendly team.


Do you accept WINZ quotes?

Yes we do. Book a free initial consultation with one of our registered clinician's and they can provide you with a WINZ quote.


I’ve only had the dentures for a few years, why don’t they fit anymore?

Your gums continue to shrink after teeth have been pulled out and can result in a gap between your denture and your gums over time. Other factors such as severe grinding or significant weight loss/gain can also influence the fit. Depending on the condition of the dentures, a reline may be an option to restore the snug fit of dentures. You can use a denture adhesive such as Polident until you get a reline or new denture made. You can buy denture adhesive at your local supermarket or ask your pharmacist.


How long does it take to make a set of dentures and what is involved?

Usually the process takes 4-5 appointments within a few weeks, but we don’t proceed to finishing if you’re not happy with the way they look or if we are not satisfied with the “bite” to ensure we get the best result for you. We always have check-up appointments after the final fitting of dentures to make sure you are satisfied and any issues that may arise are dealt with promptly.


My denture has snapped in half, can I just glue it together myself?

Please do NOT try to fix your denture yourself. Super glue can actually damage the acrylic of your denture and it will not fit back together properly. Many of the chemicals in the glue can also be harmful to you if ingested. If your denture breaks, come and see us and we can talk to you about what we can do. More often than not we can repair it with new acrylic in just a few hours. 


What do I clean my dentures with?

We recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush (kids brush or denture brush) to gently brush your dentures after soaking them in denture cleansing solutions. Common brands found in supermarkets or pharmacies include Polident or Steradent. Toothpaste is not recommended for dentures as they can scratch the surfaces and cause staining. We sell Caldent denture cleaning solution in store so ask one of our friendly team members if you would like to purchase some.


I want all my teeth out!

We would recommend finding out more information regarding “immediate dentures” and the associated advantages/disadvantages. The last thing you need is to have all the teeth out and not know what happens next. Dentures are not the same as natural teeth.


I’ve recently had a tooth fall out, can I add a tooth to my denture?

Yes, you can. Give our team a call for a free consultation and appointment, the addition can be done within a day. You can also plan ahead if you think the tooth needs to come out, and have an “immediate addition”. Collaboration with a dentist is necessary so please make an appointment with Denture Care Services and leave the planning to us.


Do I need to leave my denture(s) out at night time?

This is totally up to you. It is important that you take your dentures out for at least some part of each day to allow your gums to rest. Some people like to do this while they take a shower, others overnight while they sleep. One important thing to remember is to not let your denture dry out, so keep it in a container filled with water when it isn’t in your mouth.


What should I expect at my first appointment?

When you first come in to see one of our friendly clinicians they will talk to you about your needs and have a look at your mouth to see what we can do for your specific case. We will explain what your options are and answer any questions you might have. We want you to feel comfortable and you are more than welcome to bring a support person with you for any appointment if you like. If you are after an acrylic or metal partial denture, we will have to refer you to visit the dentist to obtain an oral health certificate (supplied by us) to ensure your mouth and teeth are in good enough condition to withstand dentures.


What should I expect if I haven’t worn dentures before?

Like anything new it will take time for you to adjust to new dentures, we like to compare brand new dentures to a new set of shoes - you have to break them in. Eating and talking will feel different than it did with natural teeth but you will get used to it with practice. Things like chewing food on both sides can help when eating. You might also experience increased saliva for a few days and you may get some sore spots. This is nothing to be concerned about and can easily be adjusted.


How long do dentures last?

The average lifespan of dentures is around 5-8 years before you might want to consider getting a new one. Factors such as history of teeth extractions or severe grinding can reduce the life-span of a set of dentures. Dentures may need relines, additions, or repairs throughout its life. 


My denture has already been fitted but I still have some sore spots, how much will it cost to have them adjusted?

Any adjustments to your denture are included in the cost so won’t cost you anything extra. We want you to feel comfortable and it is important that you come back to see us if you have any problems. 


Why does my bottom denture feel less stable than my top denture?

This is a common complaint and is due to a few factors. The top denture covers a bigger area and can get suction on the roof of your mouth to help it stay stable. On the other hand, the bottom denture doesn’t cover as much space as the ridges are smaller and relies on gravity to stay down. When your tongue or cheek muscles move it can push your bottom denture around. If this is causing you a lot of trouble come and see us and we will see what we can do for you.


I’ve been told I need a reline. Will this change how my denture looks?

A reline of a denture only affects the inside fitting surface of the denture and does not change the teeth or appearance of your denture. Nobody will know anything is different other than you who has a much better fitting denture!