Q : How much does a set of Dentures cost?

A : Prices varies depending on what type of Denture you require. (eg. Full, Partial etc.) Please contact one of our branches for a quote.

Q : Do I need an appointment?

A : Yes, please contact one of our branches to book an appointment.

Q : Do I need new Dentures?

A : Not always. It depends on a few factors such as condition, fit, jaw position in “bite”. Please fell free to make a free, no obligation consultation with our friendly team.

Q : I’ve only had the dentures for a few years, why don’t they fit anymore?

A : Normally 8-10 years is a reasonable life-span. But factors such as history of teeth extractions, severe grinding can reduce the life of a set of dentures. Sometimes the fitting surface feels great but teeth are significantly worn down and cause an uneven bite. Significant weight loss/gain can also influence fit.

Q : How long does it take to make a set of dentures and what is involved?

A : Usually the process takes 4-5 appointments within a few weeks, but we don’t proceed to finishing if you’re not happy with they way they look or if we are not satisfied with the “bite”.

Q : What do I clean my dentures with?

A : At Denture Care Services we recommend using a soft bristle tooth brush (kids brush) to gently brush your dentures after soaking them in denture cleansing solutions. Common brands found in supermarkets or pharmacies include Polident or Steradent. Toothpaste is not recommended for dentures as they can scratch the surfaces and cause staining.

Q : I want all my teeth out!

A : We would recommend finding out more information regarding “immediate dentures” and the associated advantages/disadvantages. The last thing you need is have all the teeth out and not know what happens next.

Q : I’ve recently had a tooth fall out, can I add a tooth on to my denture?

A : Yes, you can. Give our team a call for a free consultation and appointment, the addition can be done within a day. You can also plan ahead if you think the tooth needs to come out, and have an “immediate addition”. Collaboration with a dentist is necessary so please make an appointment with Denture Care Services and leave the planning to us.