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Website Launch

Today our brand new website has officially launched.

With this new medium we hope to supply you with all the information about us and dentures you require. Keep up to date with news and health articles revolving dentures and oral health, as well as what we are up to and planning to ensure a better customer experience.


Health Information Articles


With the winter season and contact sports fast approaching it's time to think about protecting your teeth and head during a game. A mouth guard is a flexible custom fitted device worn over teeth during contact sports and recreational activities to help protect them from damage and concussion. A good-fitting mouth guard may be especially important if you wear braces, have fixed anterior bridgework or just want to protect your teeth/smile from potential trauma.


Immediate Dentures

What are “immediate dentures?” An immediate denture is where a denture is made prior to teeth being extracted(pulled out,) ready to be fitted immediately over the wound.

The advantages of this approach are fairly limited due to the healing process and continual change to the anatomy of the jawbone (residual ridge) from the time of denture fitting. This change continues significantly over the first few months then decreases to a lesser degree for up to approximately one year.