What is a reline?
A reline gives an original denture a new fitting surface that will fit more closely to the current state of the mouth.

The Reline Process:
The reline process involves a Clinical Dental Technician or Dentist taking an impression of the mouth using the original denture. A stone model is the made and a new fitting surface is created inside the denture.

This process takes half a day, so it should be anticipated that the impression is taken in the morning and the relined denture will be returned in the afternoon.

There are two types of relines:

  1. Permanent hard relines.

  2. Soft relines which can be either temporary or permanent.

Hard relines are made from the same material as the original denture and generally last longer.

Temporary soft liners are used to condition the tissues under the denture in preparation for a hard or permanent soft reline, allowing ulcers or sore spots to heal. It only last 6-8 weeks after which it should be made into a permanent material.

Permanent soft liners are a last resort for patients whose mouths cannot tolerate the hard acrylic due to boney ridges. They are not as permanent as hard relines, requiring replacement after two years. 

Reasons a denture may need to be relined:

  • The denture no longer fits, it slips or falls down.

  • This could be because the wearer has lost/gained weight or from water retention.

  • The age and condition of the denture.

  • The original denture was an immediate denture (made right after teeth were extracted).¬†This means that where the gums and bone natural teeth were removed has now shrunk/resorbed causing a gap between the tissue and denture, causing looseness.

What a reline does NOT do:
It does not change the teeth or occlusal surface. The teeth will remain the same.

A reline only makes the fitting surface of the denture fit more snuggly and can increase the suction of the upper denture.

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