What are “immediate dentures”?

An immediate denture is where a denture is made prior to teeth being extracted(pulled out,) ready to be fitted immediately over the wound.

The advantages of this approach are fairly limited due to the healing process and continual change to the anatomy of the jawbone (residual ridge) from the time of denture fitting. This change continues significantly over the first few months then decreases to a lesser degree for up to approximately one year. Repeated denture cracks, or denture fractures may sometimes indicate the need to reline. Although we provide urgent denture repair services, you deserve well-fitting dentures without the hassle and inconvenience. 

Healing of the residual ridge will influence the fit of dentures, thus requiring a new fitting surface (relining) to restore the fit at some point. There is normally a cost to make the initial immediate denture and a separate cost to reline the denture. Deciding when the best time to reline your denture depends on the healing process; relining the denture is usually a consideration from three months post-extraction. However, choosing to reline closer to the three month point often increases the probability that further changes could result in a need to reline again. Conversely, the closer one relines to the twelve month point the more likely the new fitting surface and anatomy will provide a stable long-term fit.

The fitting surface of an immediate denture is an estimate of fit in the areas where the teeth need to be extracted. This is because this area has to be shaped in anticipation of the extraction.

Once the dentures have been relined the fitting surface should provide support and retention through a snug fit and border seal between the denture and mouth. However, the “bite” also plays a crucial role in the success of dentures. An uneven contact or “high-spot” can cause the denture to pivot on a single tooth and either result in dislodgement of the denture, ulcers or ultimately cause a fracture in the denture. Therefore it is imperative to provide the patient with a “bite” that is well balanced and to distribute the contact evenly between teeth.

Consult your local dentist or see us for a free consultation if immediate dentures are a suitable option for you.

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Written By Craig Metcalfe 2015-07-16
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